Born a long time ago in the North East of England studying at Sunderland College of Art. To support myself, I took many jobs, mostly in cartography, land surveying and later for many years as a qualified psychiatric nurse before retiring at the age of 55 to concentrate fully on art. Throughout I drew and painted, illustrating books published by Heron(Steinbeck, Wheatley, Graves, Iliad) and exhibited in Manchester, london, Scotland and USA.

My work at this time was in the surrealistic style using an airbrush and inks. Within the last few years I felt my work did not develope becoming stranded in technical expertise and lacking an emotive truthfulness. So I changed the medium to water colour and brush,; and this more freer fluid medium was reflected in the more expressive style I wished for away from the more exact, tight, controlled style inherent in surrealism.

Whilst still working in the figurative tradition, I believe as Francis Bacon stated, that a new realism is called for; and with this in mind I attempt to create 'meaningful' painting rather than a decorative picture?

I believe that art needs to reflect and challenge the changes within all societies, and attempt an insightful approach of challenge to avoid sinking into complacency and banality.

My specific interest lies in the interactive play of an individuals psyche within a personal or group dialogue; The 'truer' personal nature of such an individual is often hidden behind a bland mask of social etiquette; With this concept in mind, my work is not labelled or titled; so allowing the observer a greater and freer interpretation of my work without any preconceived ideas.

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